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"I just wanted to say that Watch2Gether is absolutely wonderful, me and my girlfriend are in a long-distance relationship and we use it all the time."
- Ted by Email
"I think teachers would be really interested in this site as it allows students to watch videos and comment on them."
- Lynn by Email
"My friends and I love Watch2Gether. We don't live near each other any more, but now we get to continue our tradition of watching videos together every day. We've used Watch2Gether since it first launched and there’s no reason why we would ever stop using it!"
- David on Facebook
"The Watch2Gether website is the best thing ever :-) it’s the first of its kind to help with online RPG games. We mostly use Watch2Gether for background music and sound effects."
- Anton on Facebook
"Objectively the best website ever ;-)"
- Julia on Facebook